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Independent: Israel’s latest strikes on Gaza were deliberate attempts to prolong the suffering of Palestinians – and the world has fallen for it

As Gaza prepared for another night of shelling by Israeli jets and gunships, and as Hamas threatened to fire off more rockets into Israel, nobody dared guess in what appalling bloodbath this latest flare-up between Israel and Gaza would end. One thing, however, was already clear: Israel would be credited ...

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Painting a false picture about Palestine

Why is it that the mainstream media in the US and other Western countries consistently frame the Palestinian liberation struggle as a “conflict” in which “both sides” share the blame, particularly because “extremists” undermine “moderates”? Why does this media unfailingly assert Israel’s “right to self-defense” even in the face of ...

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Israeli “self-defense” against Palestinians is logically impossible

News media outlets frequently present outbreaks of large-scale violence in Palestine–Israel in terms of “Israel’s right to defend itself.” This narrative says that whatever Israel may be guilty of, the state is justified in using military force to respond to Palestinian attacks. But such media narratives about Israel’s “right to ...

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