Sunday , November 18 2018
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A child is surrounded by the debris of al-Musafa, a poor farming community in the northern Jordan Valley. Annelies Verbeek

Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Live

With attention focused on the planned demolition of Khan al-Ahmar village, other areas of the Jordan Valley have fallen off the radar. Out of sight, however, Israeli consolidation over the Jordan Valley is continuing apace. Last month, the Israeli army demolished several Palestinian structures in the communities of al-Hadidiya and the al-Musafa area east of Jiftlik village. In ...

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National Insurance Institute of Israel: 1.8 million Israelis, 842,000 of them children, under poverty line

In Jerusalem, over half of children impoverished, annual study says. The situation is described  ‘grave’ by OECD standards. Some 1.8 million Israelis, including 842,300 children, were living in poverty in 2016, according to new figures released by the National Insurance Institute this month. The poorest region in the country continued to ...

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It is Israel and its supporters who conflate Israel with all Jews, and then claim that condemning Israel, its laws, policies, actions and ideology amounts to condemning the Jewish people. (See Li CrowdSpark)

Anti-Semitism vs. anti-colonialism

Much of the ongoing acrimonious and toxic debate in Britain about allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party centers on expressions of opposition to Israeli laws, policies, ideologies, actions and declarations. No thinking person, for example, is expected to believe that descriptions of Jews as engaging in a “worldwide conspiracy ...

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Israeli “self-defense” against Palestinians is logically impossible

News media outlets frequently present outbreaks of large-scale violence in Palestine–Israel in terms of “Israel’s right to defend itself.” This narrative says that whatever Israel may be guilty of, the state is justified in using military force to respond to Palestinian attacks. But such media narratives about Israel’s “right to ...

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