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Israeli rabbi: Israeli soldiers can rape Palestinian women

Israeli Rabbi Colonel Eyal Qarim of the Israeli Military Rabbinate has permitted to Israeli Jewish soldiers to rape Palestinian women.

Israeli rabbi: Israeli soldiers can rape Palestinian women

The permission came as an answer for this question: “Is it allowed in our days for an Israeli occupation soldier, for example, to rape girls during a fight, or is such a thing forbidden?”

“The wars of Israel are religious wars, in which they differ from the rest of the wars the nations wage among themselves,” the Israeli Jewish rabbi said.

He said that during the wars, the Israeli soldier has to maintain his fighting ability; therefore, the prohibitions which weakens his ability must be broken even if they are related to morals.

“As in war the prohibition against risking your life is broken for the benefit of others, so are the prohibitions against immorality,” the rabbi said.

To make things clearer, he explained: “Wine touched by gentiles, consumption of which is prohibited in peacetime, is allowed at war, to maintain the good spirit of the warriors. Consumption of prohibited foods is permitted at war to maintain the fitness of the warriors, even though they are prohibited during peacetime.

He even went more beyond rape and said: “And since the success of the whole at war is our goal, the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge in his soul.”

Since the Israeli soldiers are fighting Palestinians, it is clearly understood by the Israeli Jewish rabbi meant the Palestinian women when he answered the question.


  1. Hell for israhell

  2. This item is a misrepresentation.

    The original response by Rabbi Eyal Kariv (note spelling) was given here ( over 13 years ago.

    An update was published here ( in 2012 in which he explains the original post relating to a discussion of Deuteronomy 21:11 and explicitly cautions that rape is not at all permitted and that the Biblical case in non-applicable these days. It was purely a theorertical discussion.

    • Nope, it is not a misinterpretation:
      Is Zionism a misrepresentation?
      Is the idea of great Israel a misinterpretation?
      Is detention of minors by Zionists a misinterpretation?

      The world is seeing the rabbi’s words in action . . .

  3. This is a bunch of bull shit, Israeli soldiers are way above that, and it is NEVER EVER allowed in jewish religion to rape.
    This is just a propaganda to make israel look bad, anyone who belives this is an idiot.

  4. Most of the Israeli soldiers do not care for what some evil rabbi say… We, like everybody else, have some psychopaths in our midst. It doesn’t mean anything for the common people… Don’t hold it against us.

  5. You don’t even quote him saying anything like that.

    It is clearly understood that way only by people who are defective.


  6. NicePropogandaBro

    This story is 13 years old..

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