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Ex-Israel PM: We Killed 300 Palestinians in 3 Minutes

Former IsraelPrime Minister Ehud Barak on Friday said that he had killed 300 Palestinians “in only three and a half minutes”.


“When I was defense minister, more than 300 Hamas members were killed in only three and a half minutes,” Barak said in statements to the Hebrew TV channel Seven.

Barak criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said that he has repeatedly capitulated to Hamas because he does not have a strategy.

Barak did not explain why Gaza strip is deprived of its basic needs as water, food and medicine due to Gaza blockade imposed by Israeli government.

In commentary on Barak’s statements, Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said that the Israeli leader’s confessions about killing 300 Palestinians in about three minutes confirm that Israel is a terrorist entity led by a group of murderers.

Abu Zuhri wrote on Twitter that the international community must react immediately to these dangerous confessions.


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