Sunday , November 18 2018
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Julie Weinberg-Connors, 23, arrived in Israel on Sept. 12, 2018 to begin a year of study at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, a nondenominational yeshiva in Jerusalem. (Julie Weinberg-Connors via JTA)

Israeli Hawks pick out hawks’ eyes : Jewish American left-winger, headed to Israel to study, detained at border

Following threats of deportation, Julie Weinberg-Connors, 23, allowed into country after pledging not to visit Palestinian areas. This is how Israeli Apartheid State has no mercy on their own lovers. JTA — Another Jewish-American left-wing activist was detained at the Israeli border and threatened with deportation before being allowed to ...

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Painting a false picture about Palestine

Why is it that the mainstream media in the US and other Western countries consistently frame the Palestinian liberation struggle as a “conflict” in which “both sides” share the blame, particularly because “extremists” undermine “moderates”? Why does this media unfailingly assert Israel’s “right to self-defense” even in the face of ...

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PayPal censors journalists who criticize Israel

An operative of Israel’s global censorship campaign has admitted to exaggerating claims of anti-Semitism in order to engineer crackdowns on supporters of Palestinian rights. In the latest instance, Benjamin Weinthal has apparently succeeded in persuading PayPal to close down the account of the French online publication Agence Media Palestine. This ...

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